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Innovative Designs ~ Custom Floor Plan

Troy Davis homes designs are not only some of the most innovative, but also some of the most aesthetically pleasing. Not only will you be proud to show off your new home, it will remain a better investment and have a higher resale value because of its unique curb appeal. At Troy Davis   Homes we have a wide array of plans to chose from. You are also welcome to bring your own plans in. We will customize your plans to build your new home the way you want it !


Quality Materials and Features

At Troy Davis Homes we strive to give the homebuyer a home we would want to live in. Part of our success is due to our upgrades through out the building process. We offer a standard features lists that makes our homes, hard to beat and a better value then the competions.

Attention To detail

The defining touch of a Troy Davis Home is our attention to details, From the ground up , your new home goes throught a series of checklists to make sure it is not only safe to live in, but pleasing as well. Our attention to details shows in the finish of your new home. A Troy Davis Home will be one you will be proud to have your friends (even your mother in law ) visit. As one or more of the owners of Troy Davis Homes will actually be working on your new home, you can be assured we will build it right.


Energy Star Efficient

Certain Troy Davis Homes will achieve this rating, providing the homeowner with not only a better interest rate on their home loan, but also a saving each month on their utility bill for the time they own their Troy Davis Homes. This feature will also ensure a better resale value for the homeowner.

A Family Business with over 50 Years Experiance

While Majoring in Industrial Construction Management at Colorado State University,Troy began working for his father-in-law’s building company.  In 1976 Troy built his first home (his own) and discovered he was hooked.  He proceeded to sell that home and build another, and another, and another.  By 1985, Troy Davis Homes was building over 200 homes a year in Denver,Colorado.  Over the years Troy Davis Homes has built thousands of homes and has won numerous awards for their building designs and marketing.  Today, Troy Davis Homes has evolved into a family business.Troyand Bonnie’s two son's are involved in the business, . Buck and Ben, work not only as employees, but also sub contractors adding the siding and interior finish to you new home they also work in the field adding the finishing touches to your new Troy Davis Home.  . Troy oversees each new home to ensure you receive “Quality Ya’ll Appreciate”.


Sales Staff


  In our team approach to building,  we take seriously the time and selection of the finest real estate agents in the area ,to market our homes.Troy personally picks each agent for the area and for building a strong team with his company. We only want the best agents in being part of our team and working with our buyers. We want to offer you a team of experianced agents who will help walk side by side with you through out this home building journey and make it a pleasent , memorable experiance.

Audrey Mason:

She and her team have been chosen by Troy Davis Homes for her years of experiance and vast knowledge of the real estate market in the Eagle River  and surrounding area. Audrey and her team will get the job done. She will find that perfect lot for you, stay on top of all the paperwork and keep on schedule and get you closed and into your home on time. Her team is experianced and audrey and her team will be with you every step of the building process from finding the perfect lot that is for you, to making sure all the changes are there,

Scott Myers:

Another great agent chosen by Troy Davis Homes for the Eagle River area, Scott is new to the Troy Davis Homes team but he comes with a lot of experiance and knowledge, in the new home construction industry. Scott started his real estate career in Central Oregon and became a licensed broker in  2005. Scott sought a change and new adventure which led him to Alaska. Now as the broker for Jack White in Eagle River Scott has the experiance and capability to help our buyer's tackle the challenges of building a new home in the ever changing real estate industry. Scott will be there with you day or night. and he will be sure to be there for you from start to finish.


Brittni Radford:

She is our long time Mat Su Valley agent, she works  for us in the Wasilla / Palmer Area, Brittni has been with us for many years. She knows our product inside and out. She is also a very experianced agent and is focused on you, the home buyer making sure she finds exaclty the right home we have to offer you. Brittni utilizes the latest technologies , market research and business stratigies to exceed your expetations. More importantly , She listens and that means she finds solutions that are tailored to your needs in finding just the perfect house for you and your family.

Krystal Rogers:

We are full service from beginning to end and every step in between. As professionals we work to resolve problems before they arise. We communicate with you proactively. We respect your time and coordinate inspections and tests on your behalf. We will take the time to find out what your expectations are and then exceed them!

 Krystal Rogers has over 15 years in the industry and she has built a team of Realtors to assist you. Last year we helped over 100 families achieve their goals of buying or selling real estate.


Our sales people are knowledgeable and experienced, thus providing our homebuyers with competent help in purchasing their new home, selling their old home, and wading thru the financing jungle out there to make their home buying experience complete.


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